Slang sites

Posted by ESC on May 07, 2000

In Reply to: Good slang site, anyone? posted by joel on May 07, 2000

: Anyone know a good slang site -- or more than one?

: This Phrase Finder site is great, but is of course oriented to PHRASES involving several or more words. A lot slang is a one- or two-word affair.

: What can you recommend? Thanks.

My family only lets me on the computer for a few minutes a day -- to check my mail and Phrase Finder. So I don't visit many sites. But I did do a search a while back that yielded some possibilities. Examples: a Vietnam War slang site, prison slang sites, and a 60s slang page put together by some high school kids. Let me know if any of those appeals to you and I'll post the addresses.

The Online Slang Dictionary looks to be a good site online_slang_dictionary/slang/