Posted by Tomar on April 20, 2000

In Reply to: LOL posted by The Voice of Reason on April 18, 2000

: : : : I know LOL stands for Looking on Line, but what does it mean?

: : : I thought it means "Lots of Luck"?

: : It's (also?) email shorthand for "laughing out loud."

: Since the early 19th century it's been the TLA for 'Loyal Orange Lodge'. The Orange Order was originally set up by the oppressed Protestant minority in Ulster following a skirmish with the Native Irish - who happened to be Catholic - in the village of Loughall in County Armagh and from those small beginnings has grown the many headed monster which is the 'Northern Ireland Problem' (NIP to insiders). I bet you're glad you asked: and such a full answer - it's a red letter day.

Depends on the context. LOL just means "Laughing out Loud" in e-mail/chat room/IM's. I've never heard it used differently...Use it in a sentence in one of the other contexts.

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