Circled like a flying town

Posted by Word Camel on February 28, 2005

In Reply to: Circled like a flying town posted by bubu on February 28, 2005

: Hallo!

: I found this phrase pretty odd. I wonder what the poet wants to say. Ah! let me write a part of the poem where I found this phrase.The poem is titled 'stockdoves'.

: They rose up in a twinkling cloud
: and wheeled about and bowed
: to settle on trees
: perching like small clay images

: Then with noise of sudden rain
: they clattered off again
: and over the Ballard Down
: they circled like a flying town

: can someone plz tell me what this phrase "circled like flying town" means?

This isn't really a phrase in the sense of being something that as an often repeated by many people with a standard interpretation.

That being said, this is a lovely poem, and the line you mention conjures up a vivid image. I think the poet is saying that the flock of doves circling over the down is as lively and 'populated' as a town. Imagine the market square of a bustling town swept up into the air, all noise, colour and liveliness. Who wrote it?