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Posted by Bob on February 24, 2005

In Reply to: Quote Help! posted by Brian on February 23, 2005

: Does anyone have any ideas about how I can write an essay where I must present a problem, and find a solution for that problem for one of the following quotations:
: (There should be some humor in the essay as well)
: "Rock there anything they don't know-Homer Simpson

: "You must be the change you wish to see in the World"-Gandhi

: "You can't be creative when your completely happy"-Pink

: Thank-You
Your grade on this exercise will not depend on the quality of your ideas nearly as much as you'll be harmed by careless errors. There is an error in spelling, usage, grammar and/or punctuation in every sentence of your request, and that kind of sloppiness will ruin your effort no matter how clever your approach.

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