"Wham", surely?/ foreplay

Posted by SR on February 23, 2005

In Reply to: "Wham", surely? posted by ACME on February 11, 2005

: : : some of the responses to questions asked on this Board remind me of this old expression.

: :
: : I have only heard "wham! bam! thank-you, ma'am!"

: : Quickie response.

: : L

: Lewis......you are right. I was using the rednecks guide:
: What's a Rednecks idea of foreplay?

: -- Hey bitch, get in the back of the truck...

'Wham' for sure!
Irish foreplay: "Brace yerself!"
Jewish foreplay: twenty minutes of begging
Dutch foreplay: "Hey, are you awake?"
Italian foreplay: "Yo!" (pointing with both hands at crotch) SR