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: : : : : : Hi,
: : : : : : In what context people use this quote?

: : : : : It's the way James Bond liked his Martini prepared. So it could be used when people are particular about the way a task is done. Of course, that relies upon the user knowing the origin of the phrase.

: : : : Now where did I read/hear this. That it really does make a difference whether it is shaken or stirred.

: : : See Straight Dope at www.straightdope.com

: : I like martinis - and having been introduced to the idea of 'dirty' martinis courtesy of some Americans in Harry's Bar - have become a bore on the subject.

: : the proper ratio of vermouth (popular brand being Martini) to gin (at proper strength and full of appropriate botanicals!) is 1:15.
: : this can be added to ice in a cocktail shaker and bounced around until the outside of the shaker is covered with condensation, at which point it is poured into a chilled glass and - if desired - either a fraction of a tea-spoon of olive brine added or an olive on a stick put into the glass.

: : if the vermouth and gin are stirred, there is less combination than by agitation in the presence of ice. some people say that they can distinguish the level of agitation as 'bruising' of the spirit - perhaps truthfully as a result of molecules behaving differently or perhaps changing due to parts breaking off.

: : I prefer shaken, but whether I could tell much difference if there were two equally chilled, I cannot say.

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: For those not going to the straight dope site, I would remark that I was discussing the default "martini" i.e. made with gin, no vodka.

: I do make vodka martinis too, but with regular (unflavoured) vodka being a cleaner spirit than gin and dependent on being cold to taste correctly, shaken is the only option, IMO.

: I think I know what I'll have when I get home!

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definitely a good idea - theshe maetrinish