Love and kisses

Posted by R. Berg on February 07, 2005

In Reply to: Love and kisses posted by Smokey Stover on February 07, 2005

: : Should it be considered a love relation if I end a letter/e-mail with "Lots of love. Big kisses". Just wondering, I am german and my girlfriend from Scotland.

: If you have someone you call a girlfriend it's already a love relation, unless she's just a girl that you call a friend, to whom you send letters signed with a great deal of affection for no particular reason. Of course, you could sign your letters that way to a daughter, but then you wouldn't call her your girlfriend. Actually, I wouldn't call her that in any case, just because I prefer the locution to be in two separate words. But girlfriend is okay, as far as I know. SS

If the letter is to someone other than your girlfriend, you might ask the girlfriend what she thinks of ending it that way.