Posted by David FG on January 28, 2005

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: : : : : I was speaking to a friend in California a couple of days ago and describing a problem that I'd recently had with my gullet - I deliberately avoided the correct anatomical term, oesophagus, because many people in the UK don't know that word. However, my friend didn't recognise 'gullet', a bit of a surprise for me. Was this just her, or is 'gullet'uncommon/unknown in the US?

: : : : Gullet is not unknown here, but is uncommon. I have used it many times but maybe that is because I am from Ireland and heard the word frequently while growing up. I have heard it used here but usually when referring to poultry.

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: : : Gullet is known in my part of the country -- West Virginia and Kentucky. Must be the chicken connection.

: : I'm in California. The word is used here, or it was; I don't remember hearing it recently. I used to hear it with reference to human throats.

: I might as well post a report for the NE part of the US of A, in particular NY.
: I know what a gullet is but the word is not used around here. I have not heard it used at all. Even when I used to go crabbing with my father as a child we would use chicken necks for bait, not chicken gullets.

I think you underestimate the population of the UK. I would say that as many people here know the word 'oesophagus' as in any English-speaking nation (and quite possibly more than in some.)

'Gullet' is, I think, rather old-fashioned and not in common use in the UK anymore.


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