Ten-pin bowling- very probable

Posted by Bruce Kahl on January 14, 2005

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: : : : : : : Shoot the bucket out of the bean hook
: : : : : : : cumes from Joliet IL in the 1930s or 1940s
: : : : : : : Anyone know the meaning?

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: : : : : : I've never heard it. But it is very intriguing. Could bean hook refer to something to hold a bean pot over a fire?

: : : : : Could it be 'beam hook', ie a hook from a beam from which a bucket is suspended?

: : : : Slang terms here! The head is sometimes called the 'bean,' and the nose is called the 'hook.' As with hitting a spittoon with a gob from the mouth, to blow through the nose (hook) and hit the bucket (spittoon). It is a stretch, I know, but could it be?

: : : : SR

: : : Perhaps the original poster will return and give us some context. Joliet, Illinois is famous for its State Prison, so maybe this is some kind of prison slang. And as for "bean hook", a Google search turns up multiple meanings. It could be a gardening implement, a fishing hook, or a 19th century police handcuff design.

: : : And if you have never heard of a Bean Hook you're not alone. As late as 1991 nobody at the department of revenue for the State of Illinois knew what one was, either, so in answer to a citizen's inquiry they had no idea if they were elligible for a tax exemption as a Farm Implement: "We do not know what bean hooks are". It just struck me as funny coming from a bureaucracy.

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: : OK, sounds like its a bowling expression. The "bean hook" is your hand. The way you hold your hand when you're holding a bowling ball makes it look like a bean hook. And "shoot the bucket" is apparently a bowling expression.

: : From a Bowling Digest article on 2001: www.findarticles.com/ p/articles/mi_m0FCK/is_1_19/ai_71821879

: : "Let's say a particular strike shot you throw leaves a bucket (the 2-4-5-8 combination for a righty, the 3-5-6-9 for a lefty). You're not 100% sure why you left it, but there are four pins still standing at the other end, and now you have one more shot to pick them up."

: Well done Brian! I recalled an old bowling bar called The Bucket that I frequented years ago and wondered about the connection. I found the following;
: Bucket: The 2-4-5-8 for right handers, the 3-5-6-9 for a lefty.
: Bucket (with a man in motion): The 2-4-5-7-8 for rightys and the 2-5-6-8-10 for leftys.

: www.youthbowling.com/ glosary2.htm

: Hook:
: A style of bowling where the bowler imparts energy on the ball in the release so that the ball has a larger angle of entry into the pocket for more strikes than is possible with a simple straight ball.
: Hook Out:
: When a bowling ball loses it's axis rotation it is said to have hooked out. This is different from rolling out.
: ourworld.compuserve.com/ homepages/kennmelvin/Glossary.htm

Very good, Brian. cool.