My kind of thread - Celtic fringes

Posted by Rude Boy on January 07, 2005

In Reply to: 'earth girls are easy' posted by Word Camel on January 07, 2005

: : : : a phrase alledgedly used by aliens to describe the virtue of earth girls. It is part of a family of expressions like the description of US Army lads in England during WWII "overpaid, oversexed, and over here".
: : : : Why is it that the girls from far away look so very tasty.... is it the grass is greener syndrome?

: : : It's not that the girls "from away" are "easy." It is that it is easier for a man to abandon moral restraints when pursuing women who don't remind him of his mother and sisters and the girl-next-door.

: : It's equally true that having a non-native accent apparently adds to a man's allure - the number of times I have been told in the USA that I'm just like Rupert Everett is ridiculous. Admittedly we're fractionally similar in coloration and diction, but he's apparently about 3 inches taller than me and we don't share the same gender preferences.

: And you always reminded me of Rhett Butler...

Being a Good Boy as well as a Rude Boy, I have not 'cherched' les femmes since churching ma femme, but I do wonder if there is more of 'it' about these days, particularly due to ladette culture. Young women/girls appear to have more licence than when I was a lad or rather their inhibitions are markedly reduced due to drinking to excess. From the recent STD figures, either youngsters are being a bloody site less careful than in my youth or there is just a heck of a lot more sex going around. I shouldn't complain, I suppose - I can't afford to buy convertibles!

Some accents are alluring - Irish, Northmberland, Welsh and Scottish - funnily enough - the less 'Normanised' areas. Polls conducted for call centre purposes found those to be most liked too. The call of the Celtic fringes...