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"Say what you really think"

Posted by Lewis on December 16, 2004

In Reply to: "Say what you really think" posted by Bob on December 16, 2004

: : Is anyone familiar with the ironic phrase, "say what you really think" or "Say what you really think, why don't you?" usually following a very blunt statement? It's usually something like this:

: : "John is a complete and utter fool and his administration of this enterprise has been an disaster of biblical proportion."

: : "Say what you really think, why don't you?"

: : It seems to be making a few inroads here in the US. I always think of it as a British phrase.

: : Anyway, I was wondering where it comes from. It sounds like a comic's signature line but I haven't been able to find any trace of it, at least online. Maybe it's too subtle for Google. Any ideas?

: Sounds a bit like Seinfeld. Nothing I can pin down.

SWYRT is often followed by 'why don't you?' or 'don't hold back'.

can't place an origin.


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