Practice makes perfect?

Posted by Ward on December 05, 2004

In Reply to: That's it??? posted by Lotg on December 05, 2004

: : : In the classic Hippocratic Oath, there was the demand to -- first--- do no harm to a patient. This phrase
: : : is the sensible shorthand to an approach to actions of all kinds. It is instructive (and a bit stirring) to read the Classic Hippocratic Oath in the link below, and the modern one.

: : : wgbh/nova/doctors/oath_classical.html

: : wgbh/nova/doctors/oath_classical.html

: Wow Ward, this one worries me. Do you mean that the best they have to offer is they'll try not to hurt us? I was hoping for a slightly greater commitment than that. ---GODDESS

I think the commitment implied is that they will start there......they will try to use their skill to heal, but will take special care not to harm. When you think about what they didn't know then it is interesting that they we able to do any good at all!
Medicine has come a long way in the last 100 years. But it still is 'practice'.