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Posted by Lewis on November 18, 2004

In Reply to: *specialty* and *speciality* posted by Lap of the Goddess on November 18, 2004

: : : Hello,

: : : Could anyone tell me the difference between
: : : *specialty* and *speciality*?

: : : Thanks

: : "Specialty" is a word. "Speciality" isn't; it's used mistakenly for "specialty."

: Only problem with that is that both words are listed in several dictionaries as being valid. Maybe it's one of those words that once had a right and a wrong way, the wrong way was used so much, it evolved into being a part of our language and was included in the dictionaries. Who knows.

: Seems mostly I think to be a matter of preference. ---GODDESS

I thought 'specialty' was my ignorance and started using 'speciality' instead - could it be an increased reference to "specialite"?

I'll use whichever I like now.

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