Who's filling me in?

Posted by Lotg (OZ) on September 08, 2004

OK, this is the third question out of this book I'm reading. It seems to be heavily written in Pommie speak. Promise that from now on, I'll jot them down and send them in groups.

But for now can someone please explain the following:

The DCI - Tughan works into the crime scene and is addressing his subordinate (who doesn't like him), Thorne.

"Who's filling me in...?
Thorne smiled and shrugged: Me, given half a chance, you tosser."

OK, I understand the meaning of 'filling me in' as Tughan intended - ie. 'who's going to let me know what happened - or who's going to bring me up to date'. And I can sense the meaning as Thorne intended - ie. it aint friendly.

But - how does 'filling him in' turn out to be derogatory? What exactly does that mean in that sense - or will it be an embarrassing answer?