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The New Word Order

Posted by Lotg (OZ) on September 06, 2004

In Reply to: The New Word Order posted by Angry of Tunbridge Wells on September 06, 2004

: : : Following the tragedy in Beslan we've heard a lot about 'hostage takers' here in the UK. There doesn't seem to be a single word for this, or is there?

: : Kidnappers are a specific type of hostage takers, but their behavior tends to be motivated by monetary expectation rather than political ends. Don't know a more encompassing word for the whole type.

: I can think of some words as a partial description for them - 'cowardly' 'bullying' 'unprincipled' 'inhumane' 'paedophilic' 'genocidal' 'diabolic' 'monomaniacal' 'despicable' 'dishonourable' 'murderous' 'perverted' 'apostate' 'heretical' 'evil' & 'damned'.

: the words I prefer are 'dead' and 'unsuccessful'.

: It is difficult to express such feelings of disgust as existing words have been applied to lesser evils already which lessens the impact.

: we need new words to describe people who carry out behaviour so far below even the lowest standards of decency towards fellow human beings.

I agree. I must admit a few 'single' words do spring to my mind, but they're not for publication here. Although, as you correctly pointed out Angry, we've applied these words and thoughts to lesser evils, so we do need stronger versions.