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Get a bounce

Posted by Flyguy on August 09, 2004

In Reply to: Get a bounce posted by Brian from Shawnee on August 09, 2004

: : : : Fox News
: : : : ... [re the Daily Show] VESTER: [reacting ... We Report, and Report, and Report Funny how
: : : : John Kerry gets a bump in the latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll, and all ...
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: : : On some discussion forums, a reply to a thread will cause it to bump up to the top of the page. So if a thread is sinking and a poster wants to "save" it, she will post a reply that just says "Bump."

: : That's true for certain internet message boards (but not this one), but I think in the political context a "bump" is a rise in the opinion polls of a few percentage points. At convention time, we often hear of the candidates "getting a bump" during the convention week due to all the attention.

: ...or perhaps I am confusing the phrase "get a bounce" with "get a bump"?

In Kerry's case maybe it's a 'dead cat bounce'