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Expert knowledge from a failed soufle chef!!!

Posted by Lotg (OZ) on August 08, 2004

In Reply to: Soufflée?? posted by Bruce Kahl on August 08, 2004

: : What *soufflée* could be,when it stands alone ? As in ---This is a very admirable soufflée. ---
: : Could this be omelette? Or it's a kind of dessert? Thank you.

: A food preparation which expands,blows up or expands when cooked. It doesn't blow up like BOOM, it just sorta puffs up.
: It is from the L***n word "sufflaro" or "sublare" meaning to expand or increase in size.

CJK, all I know is that they're bl**dy hard to make. As far as I'm aware, and given I've only so far created failures, this could be wrong - souffle's are made from only the egg whites, thus differentiating them from most omelettes (although they too can be made from the whites, but not usually).

Souffles are usually desserts I believe, however there are savoury varieties, and they were the kind I sadly attempted to make.

You make them like you make meringues (in terms of beating the hell outta the whites until they form peaks), then you bake them, at which time, as Bruce says, they rise all big and fluffy.

But then, it seems to me you dare not so much as breathe the wrong way or they will drop and furthermore, if you cook them for a millisecond too long, they end up like rubbery things - which my dogs have found useful as play toys.

But another point - I thought the spelling was souffle (with one 'e'), however, I've just looked it up and it appears that spelt with one 'e', describes the end result - ie. the name of the dish. Whereas, spelled in what appears to me to be the feminine (two 'e's), is the act of creating the dish, ie. filling the dish with air by beating, then baking.

As for your quote "a very admirable soufflee", well in my experience, anyone who can create a successful and edible souffle is indeed admirable!!!