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Posted by R. Berg on May 29, 2004

In Reply to: So put that in your pipe, my Lord Otto, and smoke it (meaning) posted by Rube on May 28, 2004

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: : : I think it means take what I've said to you and absorb it in the way that one absorbs tobacco - or any substance for that matter - when smoking it."

: Yes, and the way someway "absorbs" tobacco or other smoke in a pipe is generally slowly and contemplatively.

: "I suppose shoving something into your pipe is not too different from shoving it somewhere else"

: It is far different.

: The phrase is used defiantly, but I see not so much sarcasm. Nor does it contain any where near the violence or personal animosity of "Shove it up..."

: It is more 'Here it is, be aware of it, get used to it, nothing you can do about it.'

It has about the same degree of hostility as "How d'ya like THEM apples?" - that is, some, but not bunches.