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Speaking of 'on'

Posted by Anders on July 01, 2004

In Reply to: Anything wrong... posted by R. Berg on July 01, 2004

: : On this home page we'll introduce...and highlight important areas on our site.

: It looks OK to me. "Of our site" would work, too. "On" works if you think of the site as a set of surfaces, like sheets of paper, as in "I tried to read the middle paragraph on page 2."

I believe 'click on' (this link) is quite common, which argues in favour of ABC and Berg. However, I sometimes wonder when or if it would be preferable to leave it out, saying simply 'click' (this link).
BTW, any thoughts on log in v. log on? Both are possible, of course; but is there, of can there be, a difference in meaning? Needless to say, this 'on' is not immediately related to the 'on' above. Contrary to 'click on (this link)', 'log on' doesn't have to be followed by a direct object, although of course it can be (as in 'log on to this web site').