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'Horizontal dictionary'

Posted by Ward on June 25, 2004

In Reply to: 'Horizontal dictionary' posted by Lotg on June 25, 2004

: : : : When I did a lot of world travel, other men in the company (no, not me, ever) would talk about finding a 'horizontal dictionary' to help them with whatever language they were studying. This, of course, meant finding a member of the fair sex, who would be willing to provide extensive language and other local knowledge, advice, and counsel about a new country and its most intimate customs.
: : : : Too bad we didn't have the equivalent of the Phrase Finders site in those days, to give a wonderful alternative to that apparently difficult and tedious process.

: : : Would that then be "whorizontal"?

: : They were ususally not monetary arrangements, but were a version of 'girl in every port' types of relationships. Some lasted a long time and several resulted in marriages.

: Hmmmm - I won't ask where you obtained that piece of knowledge - mwahahaha!!!!

Goddess -- I heard that there were also Aussie dictionaries who taught the fine points of Oz. Not that I ever had the occasion, personally....