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But why else

Posted by Rube on May 21, 2004

In Reply to: Nah posted by R. Berg on May 21, 2004

would it be said then? It is a context of 'if you don't won't to go my way or their way, then I guess you can go your own way'.

""Suit yourself" doesn't always have a context of argument or conflict, any more than "Do what you want" does. It can be said neutrally. One has to listen for the tone."

I don't think this is suitable to be used in agreement. By all means, listen to the tone.

"Hey, we're all going to the game. Want to come?"

"Sure great." "Suit yourself"

or "Would you like more steak?" Yummy "Suit yourself"

how about "I would rather date Mary than Beth." Me too, I think Mary is prettier. "Suit yourself"

"Suit yourself doesn't work in any of these examples - as given. Switch the response to one that disagrees and "suit yourself" works in each example.