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"teething problems"

Posted by Henry on April 14, 2004

In Reply to: "Teething problems" posted by ESC on April 14, 2004

: : hello everyone,

: : i've seen this around a bit and I think it carries the meaning of a severe maybe persistent problem.
: : a check in the dictionary reveals teething has all to do with teeth and nothing more.

: : could someone explain its usage to me?
: : is it correct to use "teething" to describe problems unrelated to dentistry?

: : a google search provided mixed results, with both instances of its usage showing up; health issues dominating the top results.

: : thank you.

: I googled: "teething problems" slang. There were several examples of the phrase being used to mean "growing pains" relating to a new program, etc.

: "North Cregg definitely have something special. On balance, mi.da:za is even better than their terrific debut CD. All the teething problems have been ironed out, and the music is first class. I can't see any reason not to buy this one: there's even an explanation on the back for those who don't understand the title! ..."

Children suffer teething pains as a part of growing up. Thus teething problems may be experienced when a new system is introduced. New ships undertake a shakedown cruise to reveal any faults. Incidentally, North Cregg are one of the most exciting young groups playing Irish music.