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Giant thanks to Bruce, Bob & Berg

Posted by Miri Barak on February 22, 2004

In Reply to: Beach photographer posted by R. Berg on February 22, 2004

: : : : Hello

: : : : I'm translating a series about chimps.
: : : : It is said about one of them:

: : : : "He used to be in a circus and he was a prop for a beach photographer. When he arrived in 1987, he was quite aggressive because of his painful teeth".

: : : : They are talking about a chimp that was saved and brought to a park.

: : : : My question: what doen it mean a beach photographer, could the chimp be a prop?
: : : : and how are his teeth related to that?

: : : : I'm afraid of doing a big mistake.

: : : : Most grateful - miri

: : : A beach photographer is a photographer who takes pictures of things located on a beach.
: : : Maybe he/she works for a cruise ship company or a hotel and uses a chimp as part of the background in a photo shoot.
: : : A professional beach photographer has experience in dealing with ocean salt, reflections of light from the water, breezes etc and will work at his craft maybe a little more efficiently than a general photographer.

: : I've seen beach photographers use trained tame parrots to attract families. The children can hold the parrots and have their picture taken. I assume the chimp was used in the same way.

: The sentence about aggression and teeth isn't related to what preceded it. It simply tells more of the chimp's history. He had dental problems. He was aggressive (maybe he bit?) because his teeth hurt.

Thank you so much, I'm relieved now.