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A substitute

Posted by Smokey Stover on February 21, 2004

In Reply to: A substitute posted by R. Berg on February 20, 2004

: : Consider the two sentences below:

: :
: : 1. Dan Arora of MSL Technologies met with the Chambers of Commerce chief, Joy Perera, to induce the apex body to urge the government to ....blah blah

: :
: : 2. MSL Technologies contended that the recent increase in the tax rates for ...blah blah blah

: :
: : In the second sentence, the subject MSL Technologies actually represents another subject, the spokesperson Dan Arora.

: :
: : I recently read about a specific literary word for such types as MSL Technologies used in this context. I have no memory of the word now. What is the word that is not literally the intended subject but a substitute for it?

: The word for doing this, as when someone says "the White House" and means the U.S. president, is "metonymy." I don't know a word for the substituted word.

A metonym, no?