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Worlds collide

Posted by ESC on February 16, 2004

In Reply to: A few questions posted by Bob on February 16, 2004

: : : I'm translating "CSI" for Japanes fans.
: : : I think there may be some fans here.
: : : Can I ask you some expression from that show?

: : : I think you need some context to fully understand
: : : a particular phrase, therefore I put some dialogues
: : : together, sorry for posting too long:

: : : 1) "Turf club after the seventh":

: : : Turf Club after the seventh. You are a sure bet, Jimmy.
: : : (When Horatio finds a suspect who likes to go to hoarse track to bet, and says like this:)

: : : 2) " Worls collide"
: : : HORATIO :
: : : Okay. Her ten card as soon as you can.
: : : (ten card: fingerprints)

: : : If you tell me your theory.

: : : 'Kay. Pretty girl. Two taps to the back of the head. "World's collide".

: : : 3)"I'm just taking one day at a time."

: : : [INTO PHONE] Of course it's beautiful.
: : : "I'm just taking one day at a time."

: : : [INTO PHONE] One day at a time in paradise. Come on, Mom, you gotta admit. This beats wearing three layers just to get out to your mailbox.

: : : (It's a dialogue between a mom and a daughter on the phone when mom moved to a bigger house in Florida from
: : : Pennsylvania.)

: : : I'm sorry for bothering you guys with these questions,
: : : but please help me. Thank you.

: : No. 3 -- "One day at a time" is a philosophy used by people battling addictions. I'm not sure if it's an official slogan or whatever. It has crossed over into mainstream conversation. From a Web site:

: : "Alcoholics Anonymous is a 'one day at a time' way of living. We try to break life into small pieces we can handle. We stay sober one day at a time, or when necessary, one hour at a time. We do our jobs one task at a time. We solve our problems one problem at a time. We clean up our past, one mess at a time. And we conscientiously try to turn our lives and our will over to the care of the Higher Power as we understand Him."

: Turf Club after the 7th: The man's habitual behavior includes going to a trackside bar called the Turf Club after the seventh race of the day (usually the featured race of nine or ten.)

I am going to guess on No. 2 -- Two taps to the back of the head. "Worlds collide." It is "worlds collide" as in seeing stars, lights out. In this case I am assuming that it was more serious -- that the girl died.