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Please help!

Posted by Henry on December 27, 2003

In Reply to: Please help! posted by Deanne on December 27, 2003

: Im wondering if anyone can please help me -
: my clue is "Indicate an opinion" and this is what I have to go on --- "Vote with odes fist?/feet?" I have never heard of this saying. Would appreciate any help.
: The second one is a 3 letter word for Again. I have EF but the last letter could be either an E or a T. I am unable to find this 3 letter word anywhere. Guess Im just being blonde!

Tricky, these two!
Vote with one's feet - If you don't like an event, you walk out. How many letters?
Enc is short for encore. Eft is the original word for newt - an eft became a newt. Eke means also. Ere, e'er, era - none of these fit the clue. Are the other letters right? Oft means often.