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Posted by Lotg on December 07, 2003

In Reply to: Help posted by sphinx on December 07, 2003

: 1.How to read 'beat the opponent 90-87'? '-'?

: 2.What is the difference between wind up and end up?
: Any examples to tell them apart?

: 3.'Life is cast into eternity at that casual instant.' Do you know whose ana it is? Could you explain its figurative meaning?

: Thanks!

1. 90-87 or 90 to 87, ie the winning score was 90, over the losing score which was 87.

2. As far as I know they mean the same thing in that context, but I don't know where 'wind up' originated. Sounds like maybe the U.S. May be movie related, as in winding up movie reels - dunno, made that up.

Can also be used in the following way, eg. he wound up at the beach, which would be the same as he ended up at the beach.

3. 'Life is cast into eternity at that casual instant.' Never heard this one before, but I like it, it's a great line. That 'casual instant' sounds like a variation of a 'fleeting moment', but life being cast into eternity at that instant - what a great way to put it.