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The Wisdom of this site...........

Posted by Ward Fredericks on December 07, 2003

In Reply to: I'm also sorry for all my typos - it's late posted by The Wise One on December 07, 2003

: : : So where does stroppy come from? And no, I don't mean me in the morning. I've know people to use words such as (and I must apologies for the following cos I've got no idea how to spell them)... obstroperous, obstropolous, abstrepperous - yeah I know, this will be a hideous misrepresentation.

: : : Anyway, can someone firstly tell me if any of the above words are really words and how to spell them, and whether 'stroppy' comes from any of those words?

: All good bookshops carry a wide selection of dictionaries and the Web is awash with online versions - all just a click away via Google or any similar search engine. There is no excuse in the modern world, other than sheer laziness, for spelling mistakes in any language.

::: O come on. Lighten up a bit.

The use of this site is far more significant than just to find meanings that were not available after due diligence in the bookstore and on Google. It seems that there are a plethora of perspectives and shades of meaning that provide a richness to our great language. This site taps into that on a world-wide basis. The range of education, perspective, and sense of humor (or lack thereof) displayed on this site has impressed me. I compliment the creator of this site for wisdom and a great present (gift) (s)he has given to the rest of us.
Happy holidays to all, and let's all be thankful that we share this heritage and the knowledge that the use of, and love of, English provides us.