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What kind of friends

Posted by Henry on December 03, 2003

In Reply to: "What kinds of friends" or "what kind of friends"? posted by Fred on December 03, 2003

: : Which of the following is/are correct? Or each one has a different meaning/use? Thanks.

: : "what kinds of friends" or "what kind of friend"?
: : "what kinds of friend" or "what kind of friends"?

: 1 and 2 are common.
: 1) What kinds of friends do you have?
: Several. Those who play music, those who play poker, ....
: 2) What kind of friend is that?
: Ah! A very close friend.
: I don't think that there are correct uses of 3 or 4.

3. 'What kinds of friend are there?' 'Faithful and fair weather.' More likely to be friends in modern speech.
4. 'They all laughed at me. What kind of friends are they?'