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Mike Harding?

Posted by Lewis on December 08, 2003

In Reply to: Shedding light posted by Henry on December 08, 2003

: : I was having a chat with the guy in the deli and he, as usual, was offering various imprecise quantities of mayo to go on my sandwich. Having considered soupcon, tad, smidgeon and various levels of scraping, we settled on a modicum. In the course of the discussion, we dismissed having a 's h i t-load' quite easily and 'bucketful' but wondered whether 'shed load' was the amount that could be stored in a garden out-house or whether it was the amount spread about by a commercial driver having shed (not shot) his load across the carriageway.

: : Any definitive answers on that ambiguity?

: The earlier expression was loads; he's got loads of LPs. This was extended to shed-loads; he's got shed-loads of CDs. It refers to the garden shed, not the load fallen from a lorry, I'm sure. I've been looking for a recent correspondence about it, but I haven't found it yet. It's a favourite expression of Mike Harding who presents the folk music programme on BBC Radio 2.

That name sounds famliar - did he used to do bicycle tours on TV and a bit of light-hearted music?