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Posted by ESC on October 30, 2003

In Reply to: Pleonasm posted by SR on October 30, 2003

: Some serious, some light language discussion and observations at the link below. I list some material from the site for your perusal. I would appreciate additional information regarding your favourite language sites?

: Ridiculous, repeated redundancies
: "Venomous diatribes" is redundant; it's a type of redundancy known as a pleonasm. A 'diatribe' is always 'venomous.'
: other examples...
: 'new recruit, general public, close proximity, revert back, huddle together, completely full...
: ATM machine, general consensus, my personal opinion, PIN number, HIV virus, MAC card, AIDS syndrome,
: SCUBA gear, reason why...'

: CapeCanaveral/5229/p_rant01.htm

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