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Whisky Galore, and a few more

Posted by Shae on August 12, 2003

In Reply to: Whisky Galore posted by Jock on August 12, 2003

: : : just found this one out

: : : it's from the Irish "is maith sinn"

: : : pronounced : is my sinn

: : : literally "this is good"

: : : also check out the route of the word "Galore"

: : Don't forget the Scots spoke Gaelic too!
: : The film of Whisky Galore was released in France as Whisky, a-Go-Go. It enjoyed such success that a night-club was opened bearing the name, and the phrase came into common usage.

: And, what's more, there're still a few of us Scots who still speak the Gaelic.

Here are some more, omitting the obvious ones such as banshee, loch, etc.:

English Irish Gaelic Scottish Gaelic Meaning

Bard Bard Bárd Poet
Bog Bog Bog Soft
Bun Bun Bun Bottom
Claymore Claíomh mór Claidheamh mór Great Sword
Crag Creig Creag Rocky outcrop
Dig, twig Tuig Tuig Understand
Galore Go leor Gu leor Plenty, enough
Gillie Giolla Gille Servant
Keen Caoin Caoin Weep, lament
Kibosh Caidhp báis Cap of death
Phony Fáinne Fáinne Ring (from gilt brass used by swindlers)
Pillion Pillín Pillean Small pad, cushion
Shanty Seantigh Seann taigh Old house
Slew Slua Sluagh Multitude
Slogan Sluagh ghairm Call to the multitude, battle cry
Tory Tóraí Toraiche Robber, bandit
Trouser Triús Triubhas Trews