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Some phrases plz.

Posted by R. Berg on August 07, 2003

In Reply to: Some phrases plz. posted by kathaab afandi on August 07, 2003

: hi,

: I need to know the meaning for the following phrases...

: 1.what do we mean when we describe something as "freakin horrible".

We mean the thing is horrible. "Freakin'" is added for emphasis. It's a slightly more genteel substitute for the expletive "fucking."

: 2.he would "wind up on the wrong end of a knife".

He would be stabbed eventually.

: 3."took on a life of its own". could u give an example?

The Phrase Finder Discussion Forum was established as an arena for research into the origins and meanings of English phrases. It has since taken on a life of its own.

: 4."to get off the hook".

To be freed from an obligation or an unpleasant duty. (The phrase comes from fishing with a hook and line.)

: 5.Tony Blair "steps into" the record book. anything noble he did?

Not that I know of.

: 6.see a "culture of deceit" at the heart of his government.

High officials in the particular government operate in secrecy and tell lies to hide their actions.

: 7.he would "soldier on".

He proceeded bravely toward a goal despite obstacles and setbacks.

: 8."sniped over" the failure.

I don't know the meaning of that one.

: thank you all for the help.

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