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Few phrases plz.

Posted by Lewis on August 29, 2003

In Reply to: Few phrases plz. posted by kathaab on August 28, 2003

: hi there..thank you very much.

: 1.maintaining my side order of chips.
retaining (leaving in the order?) my plate of potatoes that have been sliced lengthways into finger-shaped pieces and deep fried in oil (chips) that have been ordered in addition to the main menu item. In America 'chips' are what are called 'crisps' in Europe and what Europeans call 'chips' are often called 'fries' or (incorrectly) 'French fries' by Americans. The Belgians claim the invention of potato chips (French fries) and their claim is more plausible than that of the French.

: the field without any ties
to date/be romantically involved with a number of people in short succession without having particular obligations towards any partner in particular - to be free to experience a number of sexual partners without the emotional need to be accountable.

: 3.every man can do with a leg-up for a leg-over from time to time
literally - every man appreciates assistance ('a leg up' - origin : help in mounting a horse) getting sex ('leg over') now and again
It might mean something slightly different in context.

: 4.conjure up
to create/make appear - literally 'as if by magic' (to 'conjure' is to perform stage illusions) but figuratively just to 'find'

: 5.a big turn-off
something that one finds unpleasant or repulsive - the opposite of 'a turn on' - in particular something that could make somebody who is already sexually aroused, disinterested.

: in on the act
took part although not initially invited to do so - (an 'act' being literally a stage performance) - generally used of somebody who was not needed, but who sought to gain a benefit by associating with what was already going on - to "jump on a band-wagon".

: 7.ticking him off for not doing something.
'a ticking off' is literally an accounting, but has negative overtones - that the person will not be credited with many/any positives - figuratively it is a telling-off or being disciplined. Here it means "reprimanding him for an omission".

: makes up for the boring bits
it compensates for those parts (of the presentation or task) which are less interesting

: 9.booted off the course
sent away from college (academic course of study) in disgrace ('booted off' as in 'kicked off')

: 10.up against
literally 'next to' or 'abutting', but figuratively also to have a hard task ahead (up against it)

Hope that helps - I know that some of my explanations are more complex than the original phrases - if that does not help, please say.