For ESC, our W Virginia lass

Posted by ESC on July 08, 2003

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: This is nothing to do with Phrase origins or meanings. It came to me this morning from a former classmate, now in Toronto. I thought it might appeal to ESC - and a few others, hopefully!

: West Virginian Love Poem

: Susie Lee done fell in love,
: She planned to marry Joe.
: She was so happy 'bout it all,
: She told her Pappy so.
: Pappy told her, "Susie Gal,
: You'll have to find another.
: I'd just as soon yo' Maw don't know,
: But Joe is yo' half-brother."
: So Susie put aside her Joe,
: And planned to marry Will.
: But, after telling Pappy this,
: He said, "There's trouble still.
: You can't marry Will, my gal,
: And please don't tell yo' mother,
: But Will and Joe and several mo'
: I know is yo' half-brother."
: But Mama knew and said "My Child,
: Just do what makes yo' happy.
: Marry Will or marry Joe,
: you ain't no kin to Pappy."

Thanks ever so!