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Giving it another go here

Posted by R Berg on June 21, 2003

In Reply to: Whistle a happy tune posted by sphinx on June 21, 2003

: 1.could you give other examples of usages of "on the wing" and "troubles take care of oneselves"?

: 2.."their problems usually have as origin a difficulty with self-acceptance. "

: I wonder what is the part played by "origin" in it? I know "have" is a verb, but where is the object?

This is the literal use of "on the wing": "The bird is on the wing" means the bird is flying. The bird is not perching.

"Have as origin" is like some phrases in these sentences.
--The condemned man HAD chicken AS his last meal.
-- Linda GAVE ten dollars AS a donation.
-- Carl GAVE illness AS his excuse for being absent.
-- Mike HAS construction work AS his main source of income.