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Anyone else want to give it a go?

Posted by ESC on June 21, 2003

In Reply to: Whistle a happy tune posted by sphinx on June 21, 2003

: 1.could you give other examples of usages of "on the wing" and "troubles take care of oneselves"?

: 2.."their problems usually have as origin a difficulty with self-acceptance. "

: I wonder what is the part played by "origin" in it? I know "have" is a verb, but where is the object?

1. I think "on the wing" means the same as "on the fly."

"We have no time for a sit-down meal. We usually eat 'on the wing' before football practice."

ON THE FLY -- "Flying; in motion; about to depart or take flight." From "Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable" revised by Adrian Room (HarperCollinsPublishers, New York, 1999, Sixteenth Edition). "In general usage, the expression often connotes a degree of haste and improvisation as in 'I usually grab breakfast on the fly.' This usage is somewhat similar to the expression "catch as catch can." The term also can simply connote being in a mobile or fluid situation. Our Webster's New World Dictionary reminds us that the term probably originated with bird hunting and shooting birds on the fly (rather than on the ground). The dictionary says simply 'in flight' and adds a colloquial meaning of 'in a hurry.'" From,,sid9_gci212701,00.html

"Do your homework, get eight hours' sleep, and eat a healthy breakfast. Your troubles will take care of themselves. Meaning if you have a foundation of good habits, clean living, etc., most of your problems will be resolved."

2. "These children have been abused and neglected. We have to address self-esteem issues first because their problems usually have as origin a difficulty with self-acceptance. If a child can't 'like himself,' he's going to have problems."