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English questions

Posted by R. Berg on June 20, 2003

In Reply to: English questions posted by sphinx on June 20, 2003

: : 4. (Probably "a growth OF interest in the game.") Many people watched sporting events
: : on television. As a result, more people went to the actual games or races than had gone to them before they were broadcast. It is not known whether this increase in attendance occurred because seeing sports on TV made people more interested in sports or because people went to sporting events hoping that they themselves, as members of the crowd, would be shown on TV.

: Thanks VERY MUCH for your reply! And could explain further, what does "How far" and "due to" mean in "How far this was due to a growth of interest "?

The writer made a mistake. "How far this was due to" is bad English. "Due to" means "caused by." "How far," when it doesn't refer literally to distance, means "how much."

"To what extent this was due to a growth" would have been correct English.