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Posted by Lewis on June 02, 2003

In Reply to: Slipstream posted by TheFallen on May 24, 2003

: : Matthew Parris says (today's Times):
: : `... Mr. Blair now hopes to slipstream behind a buzz-phrase from the Middle East, and
: : "unveil" a "roadmap" for convergence.'

: : Is it possible to slipstream behind a phrase?

: It's a good and evocative image, so I'd say yes, you can. Never let it be said that our Tone ever let a bandwagon go unjumped upon.

if you used a road map as a wind-dummy and wrote a buzz-phrase on it, perhaps on the way down to convergence with the ground, one could slipstream
it. One of those nouns being used as a verb developments - the old "slipstream". doesn't it come from high-speed racing in which Bernoulli's forces provide some advantage to being in a particular position behind your competitor? Anybody care to remind me how that works?
Can it be compared to "sling-shotting"?