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Roundup of news

Posted by Bob on May 26, 2003

In Reply to: Roundup of news posted by Henry on May 26, 2003

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: : I have some difficulty in understanding the bracketed clause. Could anyone do me a favor?

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: : CBS had begun a regular television service only months earlier, providing two fifteen-minute news programmes on each weekday (described by the station as a 'roundup of news, together with the lastest bulletins ad background developments. ')

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: : Celia

: A roundup of news is a summary of news stories.
That might be a bit misleading. "Summary" could mean shorter versions; reducing the number of words. Think of "Roundup" the way a rancher has a cattle roundup, bringing all the animals together in one place. The editor takes all the stories, and presents them in shortened form, one after another, to give viewers a superficial list of current events. One consequence of this is that those who rely on television news as their sole news source (half of America, for example) are ignorant and easily manipulated.