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A few problems

Posted by Steve Howarth on June 28, 2003

In Reply to: A few problems posted by R. Berg on June 28, 2003

: : Beckham, 28, signed a four-year contract with the Spanish team and he is expected to earn around 7 million dollars a year.

: : Real Madrid is the only club that can match United's appeal. And Beckham, one of the best-selling men in the world, will provide plenty of chances for them to making money.
: : (I think this sentence pattern should be "provide something for somebody to DO something", not "provide sth. for sb. to DOING sth.")

: : Beckham lead a celebrity lifestyle that has not always been liked by his coach Alex Ferguson. Although Beckham joined United as a schoolboy and once called Ferguson "his second father", their relationship has been difficult in the last few years.

: : After United was knocked out of the FA Cup in February, an angry Ferguson kicked a boot in the changing room. It cut Beckham above the eye.
: : ("an" angry Ferguson? Ferguson's name is not mentioned for the first time here, so I think it should be "the". Or is it used to emphasis something?)

: : thanks!

: #1. The sentence is indeed wrongly put together. The writer should say "for them to make money" or "for them to be making money." Mistakes like this often happen when a writer or editor changes the wording and neglects to make the change completely.

: #2. "An" or "the" is acceptable. Using "an" here is the writer's way of being cute.

And you have to wonder what "one of the best-selling men in the world" means