King's-Arms Tavern

Posted by R. Berg on April 26, 2003

In Reply to: King's-Arms Tavern posted by Celia on April 26, 2003

: Hi,

: Could anybody tell me what the phrase 'next Door to the King's Arms Tavern at Fleet Bridge' means in the following sentence.

: The Daily Courant was launched on 11 March 1702 on premises 'next Door to the King's Arms Tavern at Fleet Bridge.'

: Thank you very much.

: Celia

The King's Arms Tavern was a particular tavern--that is, a business where alcoholic drinks were sold and consumed. Fleet Bridge was its location: it was near a bridge. When two buildings are adjacent, they are "next door" to each other. The sentence says that the Courant began to be published in a shop that was next to the tavern.