Identify a poem?

Posted by Bob on April 17, 2003

In Reply to: Identify a poem? posted by the monk on April 17, 2003

: need help identifying this verse:

: the piper looks longingly at the blue sky
: seems he remembers the cherokee's cry
: no more props needed for this drama show
: flaps his wings and he is ready to go
: as the wind echoes and twirls the weather vane
: charlie does a tango and beckons your name

: thanks in advance.

: ps. if this isn't an appropriate list for such questions, please let me know.

I think this is an appropriate venue to ask for poetry sources; it's not that far off topic. You may have difficulty tracing this bit of doggerel, though, since it is an attempt that could have been written by almost any teenager taking a first stab at being pretentiously Poetic.