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New coinage - be tender

Posted by Lewis on April 07, 2003

In Reply to: New coinage posted by Sauerkraut on April 06, 2003

: Thanks for the return, Anders. None of the references that you furnished seem to address the usage I suggested - so clueless as being unable to find one's butt with both hands.

: At any rate, bless GOOGLE. No matter what I type in, it finds a bunch of information, which usually leads me off into fascinating tangents.

: I guess I had a lapse - never thought to search my "new word" through GOOGLE.

: Thanks again........

The prefix "a" as in moral/amoral theist/atheist hardly warrants a dictionary entry for each potential use - it's like "re-" and has such widespread application that it cannot be regarded as novel. You can use such words in a new setting and get them noticed, but it doesn't give you "title" to a word. It's as sad as all those trademark attorneys pursuing people for using words - "windows" comes to mind - nothing novel about the word "windows" - been used for centuries - almost like wanting to protect the word "soap"(tm) : e.g. use soap(tm) to clean your hands. Trademarks and suchlike that are protected as intellectual property should be kept to the minimum.

if you want fame - get famous as the person who used a word with wit, not artificially like some grey-suited saddo.