Help plz

Posted by Kathaab afandi on May 16, 2003

would like to know the meaning for the following...

1)flop into an armchair
2)to coin the dictum
3)to fight off temptations
4)drift over yellow water lagoon
5)flick out their tongues
6)lift their heads to eye me
7)my active two-year old wandered away
8)he had been snappish with her
9)she sets about preparing a celebration
10)marched out of the door
11)go off to tahiti
12)my mind in a turmoil
13)i pulled myself together
14)they scampered off
15)ticked off the names of every player
16)sets out to revive the pleasures of the table
17)several root crops are begining to take hold outside the andes
18)set out on a journy
19)waded into the channel
20)make beleive letter
21)tripped over
22)to head off
23)en route to ...
24)flood tieds off the french coast
25)sized him up
26)the catch of the twon
27)stormed out
28)loose your temper in a crunch
29)dishing out discipline
30)mete out their own punishment
31)assert their authority
32)let it go at that
33)stalked out

thank you all for your help.