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Posted by ESC on December 21, 1999

In Reply to: Meaning of once removed? posted by Gary Martin on December 21, 1999

: : I am trying to find what the meaning of Once Removed means???? Could someone please explain it to me thanks

: Tracey,

: This means removed by one degree - usually refers to family relationships.

: You cousin's children would be your cousins once removed; alternatively, you parent's cousins would also be.

: Gary

Right, the children of your first cousin are your "first cousins once removed." Removed one generation. Grandchildren of your first cousin are your first cousins TWICE removed. You say what the relation to the parent is and add how many generations removed.

Now if you're talking about relatives on the same generational level, it's siblings; their children are first cousins; grandchildren are second cousins; great-grandchildren third cousins. And so forth

NOW you also have relationships like "second cousins once removed." If your father and another person are second cousins, you are the person's second cousin once removed.

Somewhere online there's a site that explains this. And I once found an explanation under "cousins" in the encyclopedia.