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Posted by ESC on January 20, 2000

In Reply to: Phrase meaning posted by Bruce Kahl on January 19, 2000

: : what does "Don't fall on your sword" mean?

: If you mean the line from the song by U2, in "Numb" from the "ZOOROPA" album, then I think he is suggesting to be spiritually aware and strong.
: A sword is usually used in self-defense. He is saying not to trip and let the sword hurt you instead of defending or helping you.
: Religion vs Spirituality
: I hope this all makes sense!

: Don't fill out any forms
: Don't compensate
: Don't cower
: Don't crawl
: Don't come around late
: Don't hover at the gate

: Don't take it on board
: Don't fall on your sword
: Just play another chord
: If you feel you're getting bored

Isn't "falling on your sword" also referring to a death-before-dishonor thing? A soldier falling on his or her own sword before allowing defeat. Or something like that.