Mystery word in Charlkes Lamb Poem

Posted by Rur42 on March 15, 2003

"Elegy on a Quid of Tobacco"

The only place I've seen this poem is an illustration in Newton's Amenities.

It's a copy of a manuscript of a poem purportedly by Charles Lamb called "Elegy on a Quid of Tobacco" I was able to transcribe most of it, but the last stanza has a mystery word I can't decipher, namely "Suspect some ambush in the ****** hid". Googled to no avail.

This Elegy doesn't appear to have been collected. --except the poem is referenced in Robert Southey's 1799 Annual Anthology.

Let not temptation mortal, ere come nigh--
Suspect some ambush in the [[pastry ??]] hid, --
From the first kiss of Love, ye maidens fly!
Ye youths avoid the Tobacco Quid.

Other guesses/suggestions

... ambush in the parley hid.......