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Fear is the mind-killer

Posted by TheFallen on January 03, 2003

In Reply to: Fear is the mind-killer posted by Bob on January 02, 2003

: : does anyone out there remember who said "fear is the mind-killer"? was it werner fassbinder or a psychologist like jung or freud? I can't seem to quite recall.

: I found it attributed to Dune.

It is indeed a phrase put into the mouth of one of his characters by Frank Herbert, author of Dune. A long time ago, I was persuaded to go and see the David Lynch movie of Dune - three hours of my life entirely wasted - but clearly remember this phrase being spoken by some psychic crone, who, to describe more closely, seemed to be a cross between Mother Theresa, the Amazing Kreskin and Lucretia Borgia.