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Weapons of mass destruction

Posted by Bob on January 08, 2003

In Reply to: Weapons of mass destruction posted by TheFallen on January 07, 2003

: : : Monday, Jan. 6, 2003, Associated Press story:

: : : ATLANTA - A long-winded phrase whose meaning reflects a nation's worry about war with Iraq has been voted 2002's word of the American Dialect Society selected "weapons of mass destruction" as its annual choice at a meeting in Atlanta.

: : : "The term goes back 50 years, but you can't turn on the radio or television without hearing about 'weapons of mass destruction,'" said Wayne Glowka, an English professor at Georgia College & State University who is also chairman of the society's new words committee.

: : : The society made its selection Friday...

: : I'm worried that they might find my lawn rake. It's a weapon of moss destruction - I wouldn't want to end up in Camp X-ray. There's also a mouse trap in the garden shed.

: Now if only certain Middle Eastern rulers would declare their stockpiles as openly as Gary has, the world might be a better place - though I have to admit, I'm suspicious of his flagrant attempt to conceal his weapon of mouse destruction in a cunningly innocent garden shed. That'll get by the UN.

We all seem to forget that our President, Karl Rove, and his handpuppet What's-His-Name, is looking for nuke-yoo-ler weapons, which of course can never ever be found, proof positive that the Axis of Whatever must be crushed in time to influence the 2004 elections. Pay no attention to the North Korean loony behind the curtain! He isn't in the script!